Computer Services and Support

  • Design & Support

    KDC can design new websites or upgrade existing websites to help your business. Using Microsoft Visual Studio, ASP.NET, HTML, VB.NET, JavaScript, NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL programming, C# or VB language to design your website or desktop system. If you need updates to your existing website KDC can make the updates and you can review and modify them online before publishing to your customers. KDC also provide programming and support for other languages such as Visual Basic and C++.

  • Website or System Maintenance

    KDC will work with you to setup weekly or monthly maintenance to help maintain your websites or in-house systems based on your requirements. Maintenance plans help control your budget and keep your websites or systems up-to-date.

  • Windows Programming and Support

    KDC can design or update in-house desktop systems they may be out-dated or need updates due to business requirements.

    KDC also provides consulting and recommendations on websites or desktop systems to help streamline processes to ensure longer system life, user friendly access, automation, and data access efficiency.

  • Database Support

    Are you using Excel, Word, Spreadsheets, etc. to manage your data? Let KDC help you build or convert your information to SQL, Oracle, or Microsoft Access databases. Once your data is in a database you have much more flexibility to manage and report information easily.

    KDC also provides Microsoft SQL 2008/2012 database or Microsoft Access 2010 setup (defining tables, procedures, & T-SQL) for your existing systems or new systems.

  • Consulting

    KDC provides consulting in website design & maintenance, programming (web or desktop), database support, system support, and many other areas.

  • General Support

    If you have any other computer service needs submit your request for a FREE ESTIMATE.